Complaint: How do I contact your corporate offices


How do I communicate with your corporate office?  I have a $750 bill for a single line with no equipment charges. $500 of my bill is a for a single call that I didn't make. I called customer care and no one can help. I've had service with you all for 20 years and I've noticed lately that the few times that I need help you all haven't been accommodating at all!  I'm tired of paying a premium for bad customer service and I'm tired of talking to people that can't resolve my issue.  I need an email or physical address to send my complaint.

Muchas gracias.

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Re: Complaint: How do I contact your corporate offices

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello there. I hope this response finds you having an excellent weekend. We appreciate your business and your loyalty for the last 20 years. It is always our goal to make sure that you have an excellent customer experience every time that you interact with us. Receiving a bill that is higher than normal can be very disorienting and I apologize that you didn't find the assistance that you needed when calling in to customer care. You made mention of the fact that this call was not made by you. Was it an incoming call that you picked up? When you talked with customer care, what did they say? 

Here is a link with the various ways to contact us:


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