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Come to Verizon where we'll disrespect you on the way out


How do I file a complaint on HEMET Ca's staff manager? He makes me want to drop Verizon all together, on account of his rude and sarcastic behavior. I pay a lot of money (I have 9 active cell phones on my account) because Verizon has the best service.  I thought that included personal service as well as cellular service but apparently not. I feel my loyalty to Verizon (since 05) was not appreciated. This manager should not taken the job if he doesn't have the appropriate people skills, or the neccessary managing skills to treat the customer with a the respect they deserve. In my line of work customers can be demanding and even upsetting but I have never been unprofessional. Advice for the Hemet Ca Stanford and Florida Staff Manager: Get both sides of the story (Especially if the salesman is new) before deciding to misrepresent your company, and for you personally let situations roll off your back if you do not have anything helpful or pleasant to say.

If service is going to be so disrespectful I have no problem paying the early termination on all my devices, and switch to another cell provider who is eager and willing to have my service

-Cheyenne customer for over a decadae

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Re: Come to Verizon where we'll disrespect you on the way out

Community Manager
Community Manager

This is not the Verizon standard or the way I want a loyal customer like yourself, or any customer to be treated. I'm shocked to hear that you were treated this way. I've sent a personal message to your inbox.

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