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Combining cell phones, internet and land line


Can I bundle my cell phone, my parents cell phone, our internet and our home phone? Right now that is three separate accounts. Is is possible and what do I need to do to get the best deal and save money. 

Also, my father just recently passed away and we will need to cancel/close his number. If possible I would like to switch my mothers number to his phone but that can be a later talk.

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Re: Combining cell phones, internet and land line

Empleado de Verizon

Great questions, DENMON26. We are truly sad to hear of your loss. I know how important having affordable cellular service is to you. You can definitely bundle the 2 wireless accounts together by doing a transfer of service. I have provided a link below containing more details about the process. Your home services will stay separate, we no longer offer a bundle for home and wireless services. If you would like to disconnect your father's line, you will need to contact customer service at 866-922-0204. This has to be done either in person at a store or over the phone. Let us know if this helps.

Transfer your service FAQs | Verizon Wireless

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