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So I have an issue , I owe Verizon for 3 cellphones because they were taken by the police . I have been in jail , gotten out to find out they have gone to collections . I have heard that once your court date is over Verizon can retrieve the phones so that I will not owe for them anymore . I've been to get ahold of someone who has an answer through customer service but no one really has an answer for me . And they have already sold my account to a collections agency so I'm just wondering how I can get these phones back to Verizon and get this off my credit . Any advice would help . ¡Gracias!

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Re: Collections

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hlehmann, I'm disheartened to hear your account ended in collections. I can understand wanting to check all your possible options for dealing with that account. I'm happy to help answer your questions related to the phones. I can confirm that we don't have a policy for recovering property taken by law enforcement. If the police took the phones, I would suggest seeing if it's possible to recover your property through any procedures they have. When your account is closed, if there's active contracts or Device Agreements for your phones, those charges are part of the final bill. Since the charges have been billed, you now own those devices.


If your account has been transferred to a collection group, you would need to contact that group to address the balance owed. When we transfer an account to an outside collection group, we no longer have access to the account other than the collection contact information.


I wish you well and hope you can recover your phones from the police. Thank you for the time you were with VZW.



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