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Charges for data service


I have been a loyal Verizonwireless customer since 2000 and they must hate customers that try to stay with them because I recently tried to upgrade phones and plan and they tried to charge $20 a month for a iPhone 5 that I paid for two years ago and I did not to make monthly payments on it. I was also told by a Verizon representative that I would have to continue to pay the extra $20 a month even after the phone would be out of contract. At the same time I upgraded two out of my four lines. The upgrade was from flip phones to iPhones. I made sure all cellular data was turned off, so I could work out a new plan for my lines as I had purchased through Sam's Club. I had the phones for a week before returning them, due to Verizon plans having so much fine print that in order to upgrade it would cost around $120 extra a month and I had already paid over $500 for the two phones and of the part of the extra charges was to pay for phones I had already paid for. I looked at my current bill and saw that even though I turned off my cellular data usage for the two new phones,  they are still charging me for data. Has anyone else had these problems?

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Re: Charges for data service


When did you upgrade the phones? What plan did you have at the time? Could you have used an alternate upgrade on the phones? How much did you pay for the new phones? Did you return the phones within the return policy period?

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

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Re: Charges for data service


So it seems like you are not understanding the new plans that well.

You pay $XX for the account which covers shared data plus unlimited talk and text.

In addition to that you pay a line access charge. If your phone is under a 2 years service contract you pay $40 for the line. Once that contract is expired the $40 becomes $20. So if you bought a phone and it is paid for you would pay $20 per month for that line to share the data and get unlimited talk and text. I am assuming that if you were told it would be $40 a month then you 2 yr contract has not ended. Just because you got it at a discounted price, you didn't pay for it.

Next, '"upgrades" are not how they used to be. You are required to pay full price for devices. Well, we always have paid full price for a device as we had to keep the line with VZW for 2 years in exchange for the discounted price. Now, you get a discount on the line access fee. It becomes $20 per month and you pay additionally whatever the monthly cost is for the phone. That is determined by dividing the full price of the device by 24.

Now the math:

If you are under contract-

$40 (line access fee) x 24 (number of months for contract) $960

$200 (average price of discounted phone)

$40 (upgrade fee)

Totaling- $1200 over 24 months

If you are on DPP

$20 (line access fee) x 24 (length of DPP agreement) $480

$650 (average price of phone)

$30 (Upgrade Fee)

Totaling $1160 over 24 months.

It used to be a larger savings but, as you can see, you really aren't paying more for your device or service.

You just need to read and understand the information.

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Re: Charges for data service

Empleado de Verizon


We appreciate your 17 years of loyalty and want to  make sure that we on the same page regarding your current plan. I will go ahead and send you a private message to help review your account.


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