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I have the Chaperone for my daughter's phone.  She got hip to me checking to see where she is and keeps changing it to E911 only so that I cannot locate where she is.  This service is useless when it is set to this.  Anyone out there having the same issues?  I wanted to have the phone power cycled down and brought back up while she has the phone (away from me) so that she won't know that this was done and it would reset it back to the Location On, but I am unable to do this without having her phone in my hand.  Any ideas how I can complete this?
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Re: Chaperone

with my family we have rules set up as conditions to them being allowed the privlege of having cell phones. if they dont like the rules, to bad . if the cant follow them , they dont have the privlege. i dont use chaperone so i cant help you there. good luck