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Can't dial into bridges that require a pin in Kansas City


Two weeks ago I started having issues dialing into bridge lines for work that require a pin or passcode. The digits I type are not the digits the bridge repeats back to me. I have spoken to two other Verizon customers in Kansas City and both are experiencing the same issue and issues began in the same timeframe. I suspect this is not localized to me and suggests something amiss in the network somewhere. Anyone else in Kansas City having challenges?  Behavior is inconsistent. Sometimes I can get in on the first try, other times I can't get the pin entered after trying multiple times. For me, if the issues isn't resolved I will have to find a new carrier as my business requires me to dial in to bridges.

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Re: Can't dial into bridges that require a pin in Kansas City

Asistencia al cliente

We are so sorry to see there has been an issue with the bridge calling that will allow you to call the conference bridge line for your job, dmeyer20.

Do you get an error message or anything when it does not work?

If this is still happening, please reply to the Direct Message I just sent.


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