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Can't access voicemail on LG G3


I can't access my voicemail via *86 or through the app. App will tell me to wait 5 minutes before restarting the app to access basic visual voice mail with no luck. When calling *86 I get an error of "Service is temporarily not available. Unfortunately we cannot process your entries at this time."

I've tried everything I can think of, removing the SIM, soft reset, clearing cache, nothing seems to work.

My phone is an LG G3 for what it's worth. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Can't access voicemail on LG G3

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Call Verizon and have them remove visual voicemail from your line and reset your basic voicemail.

Re: Can't access voicemail on LG G3

Community Manager
Community Manager

It's important that you can access your voicemail, alphakira. Does your device show a cellular data connection when trying to access voicemail through the app? I can assist with reviewing the voicemail feature. I've sent you a direct message. Please reply to my direct message if you would like me to assist.


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