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Calling in 1 866 221 4096


When you call in to this number and go through the menus, it eventually says, " Please enter the number starting with the area code."

This was weird because I heard it say, " enter the number".   I wondered what number.   It should say, "the wireless phone number".  WEird that it just says number.  Should be changed to say wireless number or cell phone number. Plz review.

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Re: Calling in 1 866 221 4096


I am calling from Vietnam. I had called before i left the states which was on the 11 of December. I had asked to have all three of my numbers to be put on hold for three months as i am out of the country.  This should have only been around $30.0o dollars per month. 
i see today that youhave charged my account the full price. Not sure why that is.  This is also not the firsttime this has happened with verizon.  I would dump your company if i could as it is overpriced and it seems you have difficulty following directions.