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Call Filter NOT catching phishing calls


I keep getting calls about a "business loan " from different locations and different callers all claiming  "calling you back about that loan we discussed ..."

These call are obviousely phishing attempts . I never answer my phone anyway so im not about to get ripped off BUT filter does not even display these numbers . The only way I know they called is because they leave voice mail . Once again not only does call filter NOT stop or flag these calls it doesnt even REGISTER that a call happened . My "recents" will show the call happened . My voicemail will have the message but NOTHING on call filter .Im not bitching just pointing out that there might be an exploit that these guys are using to get around your filters/app/program

If I go into call filter and search the number it comes up as potential spam .

Id be happy to talk to you guys about this if needed .Somebodys (probably elderly ) gonna get taken if these guys arent stopped , Happy tp help make program better if I can

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Re: Call Filter NOT catching phishing calls

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Receiving unwanted calls are never fun. We never want you to get scammed. We are committed to value your confidentiality and security of your identification and take your privacy incredibly seriously. Let's provide you with your best options. These are Spoofing calls; please report it to FCC because they are aware of the issue. Please visit their website here:

Here's our blocking options:



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