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I want to know if anyone has corporates email or number. I am trying to make a complaint over email (which they have taken down from their site). And I have made an complaint 6 months ago and still have not received a reply by phone, mail or email. Does anyone know how to get to corporate office through telephone or email. If not a place I can make a complaint to that receive attention and reply also an answer. I have been with verizon for 7 years and I do not think I will be staying with them any longer. I was just trying to upgrade before I ran into a whole bunch of problems. Like verizon making payment arrangements on my account without my verification or knowing. Multiple reps lying to me about information. Waiting  months to bill to my account and cant because of a rep giving me misinformation. The supervisors tell me that they cant help me at all, no account override can be done. All they can do is email a tech and if they say deny that can not do anything else.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

7 years is a long time and I want to spend another 7 amazing years together! We have streamlined our customer response channels to focus on Chat, Social Media and My Verizon to provide quick, direct access to our customer service team. We strive to provide the best customer service and I'm disappointed to hear your encounter did not reflect this. I would love to further assist with all available options. There are requirements to bill to the account and I can review your account to provide clarity. Please accept my follow request, follow me and send me a direct message with your name and mobile number. Muchas gracias.

Please follow us on Twitter @VZWSupport 

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