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Bogus Suspension Notice?


Received a suspicious "Verizon Suspension notice from (517) 388-2786 asking me to update my account registration details to avoid service cancellation.  They provided a link (I didn't click on it!) to

When I checked my Verizon account online everything is up to date.  Should I report this to Verizon?  Do they follow up on fraudsters using their name?

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Re: Bogus Suspension Notice?

Líder Sénior

That is definitely a phishing attempt, do not respond.

From Verizon FAQ:

¿A dónde puedo reenviar un mensaje de texto sospechoso? 

Si recibes un mensaje de texto que parece sospechoso o crees que podría tratarse de spam, puedes reenviarlo al 7726 (seguridad corporativa de Verizon) desde tu dispositivo y luego borrarlo. You shouldn't open any links in the message. Estos mensajes están registrados y son rastreados para ayudar a identificar spammers sospechosos.

Preguntas frecuentes sobre fraude | Verizon Wireless

Re: Bogus Suspension Notice?

Community Manager
Community Manager

I am glad that you did not click on the link Geoff125! Please review this link* and it will give you information on what to do with the fraudulent email and text messages. 

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