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Bank account charged, credited, charged again?


I've noticed that every single time I pay my bill online (not auto-pay), the charge in the amount due comes out of my bank account immediately. Check back the next day, the charge has disappeared and my bank account has the money back in it. A few more days, sometimes up to 3 or 4, and the charge is back on my bank account, and the money is taken out again. Its not like I'm being charged twice, more so like I'm charged, refunded with out explanation, and charged again. This can be very misleading, as one might look at their bank account and think "Oh I have plenty of money" while not realizing that the Verizon payment is just in that middle stage of being back in your account.

Can anyone please explain why Verizon does this? Its maddening to accidentally use the money that i thought was in my bank account for other things, to find that I've overdrawn the next day and it was due to the Verizon bill being re-charged. (and yes i know i need to keep a better eye or more money on hand, I'm in college, give me some slack.)

Thanks a million

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Re: Bank account charged, credited, charged again?


that's not Verizon. that's your bank. the authorization from Verizon takes a few days to settle into a charge for the amount you pay. are you paying with a debit card or direct debit from your checking account.

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