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Asurion / Verizon issue...


I have been a loyal customer for years with Verizon and have paid for insurance for years as well on a Droid 3 phone. Recently my Droid 3 phone stopped working and a file was made with Asurion. During this time - I needed phone coverage, so I reactivated a Droid 2 phone and life was somewhat good. When Asurion processed the claim they looked in Verizons system and sees a Droid 2 and they send me this phone..The Sworn Claim Affidavit clearly stated that the Droid 3 was needed..

Asurion is standing to their ground that they verify through the Verizon system and when they did - it was a Droid 2.

Questions :

#1. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

#2. How should I handle the Asurion claim..?

#3. Can Verizon place the old ESN# Droid 3 back on the system so I can get this claim fixed?

#4. What is the number for Verizon Customer service...

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Re: Asurion / Verizon issue...



I must say that after arranging a conf. call with by calling VW and the customer service person called Asurion. They were able to resolve the issue.. VW explained the issue while I waited on hold and when they came back to me - it was already fixed and new DROID 3 was on the way for a Saturday (Priority) delivery...

Good outcome to a crappy situation....

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