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Assurion Insurance is not secure


To all on the fence about buying Assurion insurance for their devices, I am telling you not to do it.

     My fiancé, whose phone is on my account, had her 4s deactivated by Assurion last Saturday. When I called Verizon Customer Service (who was very nice) they told me that Assurion had done this because a claim had been filed on her phone saying it was lost/stolen.  Neither of us filed a claim.  It was fraudulent.  Assurion told me that they would open a Fraud report and take action. meanwhile, they couldn't reactivate her phone for 24-48 hours because of the investigation.

     The Verizon rep who was helping me was very good at keeping in touch with me.  He called me back when he said he would and did everything that was asked of him.

     After the phone was reactivated I called Assurion to find out the whole story on why the phone was deactivated.  I was told that in January a claim was filed saying that the phone was lost.  Then in late February another claim was filed saying the original replacement phone was never received. That's when our phone was shut off. The claims were filed online by the person.  I asked what information was given to Assurion online to convince them that the person filing the claim was me.  I was told by their rep that all they needed to do when filing an online claim was to provide my name, my address, and the phone number.  At that time they can have it shipped to another address, and another name.  I was astonished by this. There is no security to prove that the person filing the claim was actually the person who owns the phone. I questioned and requestioned this and was told this multiple times.  Now she did tell me that if a person calls in and files the claim over the phone then they need to provide additional information.  But in my case this did not apply as the claims were filed online.

     Also, they will not tell me anything about their investigation.  I just have to assume that they will go after the person who is filing the claims. I am not sure that this will actually happen though.  They don't seem to care about security, so why would they follow up on this.

     I have since cancelled my Assurion contracts for both my phones.  They told me that there is nothing that they can do in the future to prevent this person from fling another claim and getting another phone sent to them as long as they do it online, so I cancelled the insurance.

     Why would I continue to pay them $19.98 a month(for both phones) when they will let ANYONE file a claim with no security measures taken.  I will put my money in a jar instead, and if I break or lose it, I will just buy one on the secondary market. 

     As I have already said, Verizon Customer service was great to me in this whole affair, but I question why they would continue to do business with a company who does not care about the security of their customers.

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Re: Assurion Insurance is not secure

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Maybe because Assurion the only company that has this kind of insurance. At&t, T-Mobile and Sprint all use Assurion.