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With being a college student sometimes you run into monetary issues. I have been on the phone with about 8 different reps. For about over an hour now. I was hung up on about 5 times. I even had a rep raise her voice to me. I don't find this being good customer service at all. Being the child of a Verizon corporate employee, I know this is not the way of the company. I need answers to why there is no flexibility, and why the customer service employees act as if they do not want to help "valued customers?"

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I am going to take a guess here that you either cannot pay your bill on time or not the full amount?

Call 800-922-0204 and ask to speak to financial services and make payment arrangements. Customer service cannot do it.

Being in college you should learn fiscal responsibility in what is and should be paid each month. Cell service in my opinion is not a top priority but a luxury item. You still expect to have use of the service even though you are having a problem paying for it. Call them up and see if you can make arrangements. Before they shut you off.

Good Luck