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A few questions about transferring vz to another person


Good Afternoon Everyone,

I have a few questions about transferring an account to another person.

My friend has decided to move to another carrier next week.  I had recalled he has an account with unlimited data.  So, the day of, he asked me if I wanted it transferred to me this upcoming Monday, 1-14-2012. I said, YES!  I gave him and his wife a huge hug while my girlfriend awkwardly starred at me lol.  He knows I travel to my parents house every two weeks to visit them and verizon is the only good carrier in the area signal wise.  My plan with sprint expired 2 months ago.  I can leave whenever i choose too.  This is the problem i ran into after i left there house.

The first one is, how much of a fee is there to do this?  The reason why I ask is because there're a few factors. in my end, involved here.  I graduated from my university in December.  I have no credit except for paying my tuition which is not enough.  I have been working since February.  I just received my first credit card ever two weeks ago.  I only use it to pay my gas.  If there is a credit check, how much would it be?  google search gave me a fee of 400USD.  I have no problem with it but since it is a transfer, would there be fees?

The second is the unlimited data plan.  This is what I am more interested in Smiley Happy of course.  Would i lose the data plan because of the transfer?  I am not looking to upgrade a phone.  My older brother gave me his incredible 2 for now and will be purchasing a galaxy nexus from the verizon store at full retail price two days later after doing this. 

My friend has a good standing in his account.  No overcharges or late paying his bill (I hope lol) if that is a concern whoever may be able to help me.  This is only one line with 2100 minutes, unlimited text and of course UNLIMITED DATA.  Please do not crush my dreams right now lol.  Any help is appreciated and of course, thanks for taking time to help me.  I hope this makes sense too. My English is terrible.

Also, would it help to call it in or stop by the store.  Last time we went in with my brother.  He wanted to buy a full retail price SSG but he was told he would lose the unlimited data plan.  He called in and everything was fixed that way.

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Re: A few questions about transferring vz to another person

Líder Sénior

First of all, since you will be starting a new account, even though you would be performing an AOL on an existing line, I am unsure if you would be able to keep the unlimited data. You may be forced onto the Share Everything plan with a new account.

Since you have no/little credit history, you may have to provide a security deposit on your account which would be returned after 1yr of on time payments.

When you perform the AOL, you will have to stop by a Verizon store with your friend to complete the transfer and they should be able to answer your questions.