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911 Logged Calls


I had an incident with my landlord in which I had to call 911. This was approx. 6 months ago. We are going to court in a few weeks and I need to know the exact date I called 911. I can't get the "transcript" from 911 without the date!!

And Verizon doesn't log my call because it's not billable???

This is not an acceptable response! How can I find out the date I made the call??

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Re: 911 Logged Calls

Líder Sénior

I'm guessing the call is not still in your phone's call log either correct?

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Re: 911 Logged Calls


If you are going to court and have a lawyer, you should be able to get a court order.  Contact Verizon Legal:

Cumplimiento del proceso legal

Cumplimiento del proceso legal

  • Responde al proceso legal de la información comercial, el teléfono del cliente y la información del IP.
  • Asegura que las órdenes judiciales, las órdenes de allanamiento, las citaciones y otros documentos legales sean procesados confidencialmente y conforme a todas las leyes aplicables.
  • Coordina las comparecencias ante el tribunal para el custodio de registros de Verizon

Ver también: Política de orden judicial civil de Verizon Online (pdf)

Contact Number: 1-888-483-2600

Fax Number: 325-949-6916

Dirección postal
Cumplimiento de las normas de Verizon
Custodio de registros
2701 S. Johnson Street
San Angelo, TX 76904

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Re: 911 Logged Calls

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I am not sure if it is tracked.  The only option would be what the last person posted.

Did you get a police report? If you had that it would have a date and time.

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Re: 911 Logged Calls


Calls to 911 are not billable. A deactivated cell, being 911 compliant, can call 911, but a statement regarding that call is not recorded. So, it's not "unacceptable ". It is what it is.

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