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5G service


I find it kind of funny that they are on a roll getting 5G set up but still can't get simple cell service turned on in my area. At my house, if I even have service I am doing good. It's still not good enough to make a phone call. In fact the whole area around me has spotty service. More often than not, I'm in roaming mode. It's not like we don't have towers to put something on. There is a cell tower with nothing on it sitting on top of the hill from me that, if hooked up with service, would cover a very large dead zone. There are so many people with cell service passing through this area or who live in this area that can't get service. Instead of promising me faster speeds, which I don't need, how about providing cell service in my area? Make it so I can make a phone call!!!


Re: 5G service

Asistencia al cliente
Thank you for your feedback, it is always taken into consideration. We are concerned to learn that there are service problems in your area and we want to help you as soon as possible. Please tell us, when did the issue start? ¿Qué model is your device and is the software up to date?