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4G LTE service down at 98584


This morning, all 4G LTE service stopped.  Reset my router several times, still no data service for 4G LTE.

Checked with phone, only 3G would come up and spotty at times.

4G would come up at times but would immediately disconnect again.

Wonder if the rain storm killed some equipment or damaged antennae?

Before last night 10/27, 4G LTE signal was consistent and was getting 9 Mbits download.

Today its none existent. 

Hope some technician will look into this soon.

(Shelton, WA.  98584)

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Re: 4G LTE service down at 98584


I live in Longbranch, WA (zip code 98351), not far from you & I haven't had any service since early this morning.  Last try before about 1 hour ago was at 3 a.m.  My home phone won't work either despite having the same amount of bars lit up as always.