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3g in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania dropping Data Ip Address


Iphone 4 16g normally I get standard data speeds at work in downtown Pittsburgh from within my windowed office 1.1 down 0.7 up.

Tonight  ( I am a night shift worker) My IP address keeps going away and apps and such cease to work with their various

Not connected to the internet messages.

I have tried;

Toggling Airplane mode which sometimes issues a new IP address.

When I do have an IP assigned I tried ping / data speed test to a Pittsburgh server getting 700+ ping and 0.1 Down and up.

Rebooting phone 2 times.

Updating PRL with *228.

Occasionally get the error "Unable to initialize the cellular data network"

Able to make calls.

It seems like an outage to me, Why doesn't Verizon have an easily accessed Network status page for their customers?

Any thought, ideas or links to a VZW data network availability site would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading,

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Re: 3g in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania dropping Data Ip Address

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Kz1100a3, thanks for your post and sharing what you did to try to resolve this issue. I know it can be frustrating not being able to use important parts of your phone. It sounds like this issue was occurred on one particular night and not a reoccurring issue, correct? Normally our network teams will do testing overnight due to lighter traffic during those hours. You normally won't notice any difference as calls and data will be routed to a nearby cell tower. If there is an issue in your area, the best way to find out is by calling *611 from your cell phone or 800-922-0204 from a landline. Once you enter your mobile number, our system will notify you of any applicable alerts in your area.

If this is something that is continuously happening, it may be an issue in your phone. I suggest resetting your network settings by going to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings. This step will not delete any data on the phone, but you will need to manually connect and save wifi passwords that were previously saved. Also make sure to update your preferred roaming list by dialing *228 option 2 every 2-3 months.

I hope this helps!



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