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$200 Device Trade In - Iphone 6 Upgrade


Did anyone else receive an email indicating that their trade in request was cancelled because they hadn't preordered an iPhone 6 even though they in fact preordered one?  Well I did.

The email indicated that, according to Verizon's records, I had not preordered a phone (which I did) and asked me to respond back if I thought that I should be eligible. The email asked that I  prove my preorder to Verizon by responding and attaching a copy of my preorder email which includea the details as well as the preorder number.


Here's an idea Verizon: cross reference your device trade in database with your preorder database to identity the preorders yourselves before blasting emails out to your customers.  You're in the technology business so that shouldn't be too difficult.

While mistakes do happen, any mistake that results in a company the size of Verizon threatening to cancel thousands of customer orders due to their error is nothing short of an embarrassment.

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