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2 Months since I ported, and I am STILL having issues :(


Hola there,

I was with Verizon from 2000 to 2007 (loved their service), and switched to AT&T when they exclusively sold the iPhone.

After a decade, I decided to switch back to Verizon, and now I think I'm regretting it.

Shortly after the iPhone 8 was released, my husband and I ported our numbers to Verizon and got the "Beyond Unlimited Plan" for both of us.

My husband's port went smoothly, and mine took several days (During this time, it deactivated my service with my old carrier and I was without a phone). Finally, after nearly a week, we got everything working. I even called my office phone to verify the caller ID was correct.

After a week or two, I called my boss and he said "What number are you calling from?". I told him I was calling from my cell and he seemed confused. After I hung up with him, I called my office line and caller ID displayed a completely different name and number. When I tried calling my cell number, it went directly to voicemail. When I tried making an outbound call, it said "We're sorry, we are unable to validate your phone at this time"

I called Verizon to advise them of this, and put in a help desk ticket. Even when I called and entered my phone number, I would get the "We are unable to locate an account with that telephone number" message from the automated system (but that is the number displayed on my Verizon account when I login and in my iPhone details). 

Two days later, I got a text from Verizon noting that "We have nearly completed your request and will call you when it is finished". I wasn't sure how they would call me (since my phone was not working) but waited three more days and didn't hear anything.

After that, I visited my local corporate store. The associate was very nice, and just called support with me and put in another help desk ticket. During this time, I was told a few things:

A. Maybe the port didn't go through

B. My account was not coded with the correct plan

C. Maybe my SIM was mixed up with another SIM

D. My telephone number was not added to the Verizon "switch" that allows it to be authenticated

I waited another three days and finally, my phone began to work (right before I went on vacation to Mexico).

In Mexico, I realized my phone was not working (but my husband had signal). When I got back to the US and made a call, I got the "We're sorry, we are unable to validate your phone at this time" message again.

Frustrated, (Yesterday) I headed back to my store. The representative (who was very rude), switched my SIM card and then said "Oh, our activation system is down... It should be up by 2am". He said I didn't have to do anything else, and that when the activation systems were restored, my phone would automatically start the activation process.

I left frustrated (I went from not being able to make or receive calls to not even having data now) with a gut feeling that the information he gave me was just to get me out of the store.

I woke up this morning, powered on/off my phone and reset my network settings. Still...nothing.

I called Verizon again and submitted, yet ANOTHER, help desk ticket. I was told I would receive a call within a couple of hours.

That was over four hours ago.

The best part, is after I paid my first $480 phone bill (*includes my husband and I's iPhone payments and unlimited plans) my next bill is coming due and I haven't had a week of full service yet. Either I can't make/receive calls, can't make/receive texts, my caller ID is displaying incorrectly, or (like now) nothing is working.

When I called to ask for a service credit (which I did not do the SIX calls prior or TWO visits to the store), I was told the best they could do was forty bucks.

I have spent more time on the phone with Verizon the last 6-7 weeks than I spent on the phone with AT&T the entire decade I had them.

While I realize that flukes happen and most ports go smoothly, the lack of ownership or follow-up + the minimal credit for all of my time without a fully operating phone is truly disappointing.

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Re: 2 Months since I ported, and I am STILL having issues :(

Community Manager
Community Manager

I can understand your concerns as a consumer regarding your port issue. I would feel the same way and would want better results as well. With regard to your account we would have to review your concerns in private. Please respond to the message I sent directly in a private message for additional review.


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Re: 2 Months since I ported, and I am STILL having issues :(


I replied to your direct message on 12/15, and included all of the information you requested. I have not received a response or update. I continue to be disappointed with Verizon's (lack of) service.