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10 hours with customer service is ridiculous


No thanks. The customer service is ridiculous and now we are tied down to phones with this ridiculous company. 10 hours on the phone trying to resolve their mistake of not taking a line off of our account years ago. We came back to Verizon only to be messed up with a charge that was their fault and their compensation was to credit us back their mistake instead of trying to rectify that this took 10 hours of our time and weasel their way out of honoring their bogo deal.

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Re: 10 hours with customer service is ridiculous

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A total stranger who lives no where near you that you will more than likely only speak to once in your lifetime is NOT responsible for you not checking your bill statements. If a line was still on the account next cycle after the request, you have a case. Years later, you do not.

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Re: 10 hours with customer service is ridiculous

Don't blame your being irresponsible for checking your bill to Verizon. Jeez, don't feel like you are entitled for everything
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