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viewing text messages on the computer


the other day i broke the screen on my phone, i have been recieving text messages that i cannot view and need to see them. is there anyway i can see these text messages on the computer? if i buy a new phone will my text messages be transfered to the new phone so i can see them? thanks

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Re: viewing text messages on the computer


In some instances, direct VZW locations can flash the information on your old device over to your new device (if you get one), this may include old text messages (correct me if I'm wrong), but I know that text messages once received on the device are then of course "hard copied" to yoru device so would be flashed along witha ny other content you had stored on that phone, as long as the phone is in working order (besides the screen) it's still technically a functional device. There is a slight chance though it may not work, but it doesn't hurt to try.



Also, text messages do not instantly transfer with switching devices, it is only possible with the computer system set up in direct Verizon Communication Stores.