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trouble with my LG dare sending pix...

Im having trouble with my cel trying to send pics to my husband. Well his cel is from Puerto Rico and he's there right now. I have been trying to send pictures but some he received them but others not... when I send a picture i always check the message info and it says that the delivery is incomplete. My husband has received some of them but also he received others and the colors had changed or looked blurried, or he never received them... I dont know if its my cell phone! its so weird! please help me!!
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Re: trouble with my LG dare sending pix...

There are so many things that could be causing these problems but I'll need a few more specifics so we can begin to figure out what the root cause is.  Could you please tell me what phone your husband has, what plans you are both on and where in Puerto Rico he is having the trouble? 
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