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suddenly can't send texts


I am able to receive but not send texts.  I get a retry send option three or four times and then it says Message Sending Failed- General Problem.   I had been sending them up until about ten minutes until eight and then it wouldn't let me.   ¡Necesito ayuda!


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Re: suddenly can't send texts

Outside of power cycling the phone (turning off and turning back on) and also dialing *228 + SEND from the phone and choosing option 1, which reprograms your phones, I would then recommend reaching out to a technician via Customer Service or stopping by a direct VZW location to see if either sources can determine the root cause of the problem. Since, what it sounds like if it's giving you a general problem error there is definitely somethign conflicted between either the device or the network. Again, try the basic steps and see if that resolves the issue, if not I would call Customer Services and get in touch with a Technician.
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