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sms text from web email




I have 2 phones. one a Smartphone with data plan and one not. Both have unlimitted text messaging. My Windows hotmail account has a feature where I can send myself a SMS txt message whenever a new email comes in. If I use the number of the other phone, with no data plan, and use that # to send a txt message to about a new email, will that be counted as a text or as data? testing it with my smartphone all i get is a text message with a header on the subject.


Thanks for your info

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Re: sms text from web email

Líder Sénior

It will count as a text message - it's a text that is sent to the phone number you designate that simply notifies you of an email.  You don't get the actual email, and you can't respond to the email, but you know you have one and if your sender is descriptive in their subject, you know what it's about.


I use it so I have an idea of what's waiting in my inbox when I sit down to check email - or if I even need to check it!


Re: sms text from web email

Sr. Member

AO: calls it a text alert.   I do this with my AOL mail just to get notified of any e-mails coming in and you will only see the subject line since it's just an alert not an actual e-mail.  Mary