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domestic texting


can anyone explain domestic texting I understand it is not texting with in m2m..What I donot understand are the # 00000065477 that are recieved..How to figure out the # where they come from.... 

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Re: domestic texting

Líder Sénior

It's a "short code" for something - like 32665 is for Facebook (FBOOK) and 46645 is Google (GOOGL).  Did you sign up for alerts of some kind? (weather, sports?)  Voting on Idol or something like that?


Do you use Mobile IM?  Somone  sending texts via the internet to you? 


Domestic simply means it counts as an out of network text - if you have limited text packages it will count against your allowance.  If yo have unlimited texting, it really doesn't mean anything, since you have unlimited.

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