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Verizon Message+ App - Sound Notifications Not Working


To all of you who have been searching the Internet for a solution to the very frustrating issue of having the Verizon Message+ App no longer alerting you via sound that a new text message has been received, I may have found a solution (on the Android platform anyway).

This has been an issue for me for at least the last couple of weeks and has caused quite a few issues with people thinking I was ignoring them, simply because I did not know they had sent me a text until they either called me or I finally picked up my phone to check my emails, etc.

Here is what I finally got to work today, so please let us all know if this solution for the Android platform works for you too:

> From the home screen, pull down from the very top of the screen and select the 'gear' icon to go to 'Settings'

> From the 'Settings' screen, select 'Apps'

> From the 'Apps' screen, scroll down to the 'Messages' app (Not the Verizon Message+ app, but the built-in Android Messages app) and hit the 'gear' icon to go to the 'Messages settings'

> Provide all the permissions it is requesting and set this 'Messages' app to be your default application for handling text and SMS messages (this is just a temporary step)

> Back out of all the various settings pages

> Naviage to where you normally launch the Verizon 'Message+' app from and launch it

> Message+ will realize it is no longer the default application for text and SMS messages, so when it asks you if you want to make it the default application you should agree to make it the default

> Open up a browser and send yourself a test text message by emailing yourself using your 10-digit phone number followed by (example [email address removed per the Verizon Terms of Service]

> If your issue was similar to mine and you have all the proper notifications both within Andoid and within the Message+ app set to notify you via sound, then hopefully you were alerted via sound when that test message came through

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Re: Verizon Message+ App - Sound Notifications Not Working


tested this on my pixel 2 xl with the latest android update, and made sure both apps were updated.  instructions here are slightly off with the new update, but close enough to follow.  

Problem still exists, no sound on a reply if the message+ app is open and on that message.   So if i send a text to Person1, then they reply i get no notificaiton of any kind, no vibrate, not icon in the notificaiton bar, no sound.  But if i switch to Person 2 and text them, then Person 1 replies, i get the sound/vibration/etc., or if i close the app, or lock the screen i get the notificaitons.

App is still busted in my book.

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