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Unl. Texting


My family has a family plan with 500 minutes and 4 lines connected to it.  Right now I have 5000 texts with unlimited texts to other verizon phones, however, I am coming close to exceeding this (I text a lot.)

I was wondering if there was a way to tack unlimited texting onto the 500 minute plan that we already have.


Thank you for reading, any suggestions as to what to do would be helpful.

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Re: Unl. Texting


Verizon Wireless does not offer an option for unlimited text messaging until you are at a minute allowance plan of atleast 700 minutes. Cost wise, this means that you could drop the $20.00 you pay for the text package of the 5000/unl in, and go with a 700 minute Select Family Share plan which would give all your lines unlimited text messaging (which of course may not be necessary) but again is the only way to have your line truly be unlimited when it's part of a Family share plan.



The 700 minute select plans (unlimited text/pix/flix) costs $90.00 for the first line and 9.99 for each additional. Meaning for your plan if you have 4 lines that would put your phone bill at around $119.97 for the base price of your plan, where as right now (unless you have extra things) you're paying around $99.97.



 Therefore, the price difference is really $20.00 more, which again to clarify is because you'd have to move up to 700 minutes to get the select plan so that's $10 more dollars. And then to get unlimited would be a total of $30.00 normally, but you're already paying $20.00. So again, you're only paying $20.00 more dollars to get unlimited text messages and you would gain 200 extra minutes.



The alternative is: Leaving the other 3 lines on their own family share plan, and taking your line onto its own plan of (for example) 450 minutes with unlimited messaging, this plan costs $59.99. So again, doing the math. If you made your line a single line and leave the other 3, that would put you at a total bill of around 129.97. (Math being the $69.98, which is those 3 lines on the family share plan of 500 minutes, so that would stay the same, and then 59.99 which wouldbe your line by itself on a 450 minute single line with unlimited messages, which is known as the 450 select plan) In this scenario your lines would still be on the same account with all 4 lines, just split between 3 lines on a family share and 1 line by itself getting billed seperate usage. The total balance would still come under the same account in this case so need to worry about seperate accounts.





Again, I ALWAYS recommend the first option I recommended. The other way is easier to understand which some people prefer that sort of setup as well for the fact that the usage is not shared and you have less worry about minute overages. Again, not the best option I think, but still an option.





 Feel free to ask any questions here or to customer care.







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