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Hi ...   Just a quick question for anyone who may know:   My wife and I both have Verizon phones although different models.  When we text messages to each other ... do we get charged for them?  I know if I call another verizon customer, there is no charge and I was wondering if it holds true also for texting.... ??  


Thanks for getting back to me a.s.a.p.{edited for privacy}


Ray  :manhappy:

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Re: Texting

Líder Sénior

That depends on your texting plan.  if you have no texting package, then you are charged per message sent and received.  The $5 for 250 texts does not have any provision for Verizon to Verizon texts, every text sent or received is counted.


Texting plans above the $5 plan all include Verizon to Verizon unlimited texting.


$5/mo for 250 texts (sent and received)
$10/mo for 500 texts PLUS unlimited texts M2M
$20/mo for 5000 texts PLUS unlimited M2M


If you are on a Talk and Text plan, then you have unlimited texting to any carrier.


Hope this answers your question.

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