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Sending / Receiving Pix To/From my email

Hello.  I am hoping someone can help me.  We are having trouble sending pictures and texts to our personal emails and also receiving both from the emails.  My daughter had this problem before, and mine was fine, but now I am unable to do these things as well.  I believe it started when I changed my user control to block an annoying number.  My daughter had previously had that feature set up on hers, which makes me think it's that.  Is there any way I can keep those controls and still be able to send and receive things to and from email addresses?  Thank you for any help you could offer.:smileyhappy:
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Re: Sending / Receiving Pix To/From my email


You may have blocked all msgs comming from e-mail addresses. Which can be set/changed at when you login with your my verizon user/pass then click on preferances then txt blocking.


if you are trying to send a msg from your e-mail to the phone it would be (your number) sending to your e-mail would be normal just enter the email address in the recipient field. If you get any errors check your account features to make sure that you dont have the premium txt block

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