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SMS for not working



For about a month or so ago, our SMS notifications from ServiceNow stopped working for Verizon Wireless users. It appears that these same SMS notifications are being sent to AT&T users. Has something changed on the Verizon Wireless side that prevent SMS notifications from ServiceNow to not complete?

I have opened a ticket with ServiceNow and their investigation indicates that the messages were accepted by Verizon Wireless, but they're still not being sent to devices.

I have the log files. I would like someone from support to contact me so we can work on this directly.

Thank you

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Re: SMS for not working

Community Manager
Community Manager



I know how important it is for your messages to go through! Let's see how we can help resolve this. Are you sending the messages through the VText website, or directly through ServiceNow? Do you know if the texts are not going to all your Verizon Wireless customers, or only some of them? 



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