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Recipient has insufficient funds to receive message.



I have a Galaxy A50 and last month i ran out of data on my plan and with the new month someone cant send me messages. I can text them and they receive them, but they cant respond back. When they try to respond I get that message. I have tried restarting my phone and im at the point where i might factory reset my phone. 

If anyone can help please do.

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Re: Recipient has insufficient funds to receive message.

Community Manager
Community Manager

StormanNorman4, having issues with your messaging can be a headache, especially if you are getting an insufficient funds notification on your incoming texts. What recent changes have occurred (software update, new equipment, fresh apps, etc.)? Aside from the incoming texts, what other issues do you have (calls/data)? Do you have any additional active features such as Usage Controls/Smart Family?



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