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Priority on emailed text messages


I'm sending text messages via email to my phone from work but would like to set the priority high on them.  Is there some way to indicate that when I send the message?

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Re: Priority on emailed text messages

Verizon Employee

Hello tgross41,


Thank you for your inquiry. Are you using Outlook when sending a text message? If so, select the red bold exclamation mark that is titled "Importance: High". I tested this my self and it was delivered to my device (BlackBerry) as an urgent text message with a red exclamation mark. I also tested it by sending it to an iPhone and it was delivered; however, it did not indicate that it was urgent although I selected the Importance High option. I also tested it with a Droid device and the urgent indicator appeared. 


If you are not using Outlook, check with the e-mail carrier if there is a urgent delivery method. 


Thank you and I hope this information helped.