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Mobile email does not "beep" on my Voyager

I had an LG Chocolate 2. Whenever I received an email my phone would beep. I set up the Mobile email on my Voyager and can't get an indicater. Does anyone know how to fix this? I've heard the Voyager has had growing pains so I'm fortunate this is my only issue.
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Re: Mobile email does not "beep" on my Voyager




Go into the mobile email application, go into your inbox, select options button at the bottom left of the screen, select settings, and it will display options for alerts. make sure this is set up to your specifications.


If this doesnt resolve it, unsubscribe from the application in the browse and download folder, and then redownload it again. Enter your information, repeat the above steps.


If it still doesnt work after this, i would say take the phone into a tech location. It may be a software failure

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