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Message+ giving false error symbol


In Message + app, after sending a picture through text & it being seen & reviewed by the recipient, later (sometimes days or weeks later) I will get the exclamation triangle informing me it was not delivered when I know it has been. This has happened on both my Galaxy 8+ as well as my Note 9. What is the solution? 20191015_163223.jpgThe examination notification.


SmartSelect_20191015-163457_Message+.jpgIndicating pic was not delivered, but the recipient responded that it was.


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Re: Message+ giving false error symbol

Community Manager
Community Manager



Making sure your messages are properly delivered and you are getting the right information about them is a big deal. We don't want confusion over that. How often has this happened? If you click on the notification next to the actual message, what message do you get?



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