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Math/terminology issues when charging roaming for kB use on mobile devices.

Reposted by request from the Verizon Residential community:
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I recently stumbled upon a blog on the web and heard a service call between a customer and a supervisor and floor manager in regards to his bill for internet usage on his mobile device while he was roaming in Canada. I will not post the link to it as the recording has the manager's direct line phone number near the end of the message and such a link is prohibited by the forum's Terms of Service. I will say that I was horrified and dumbfounded that not only the supervisor but the floor manager were both unable to grasp or compute the concept of the difference between two-one thousandths of a dollar (which on a calculator translates to .002) and two-one thousandths of a cent (.00002 on a calculator.) The customer was quoted numerous times that he would be charged two-one thousandths of a cent per kilobyte (.00002 x kB) and the customer used 35,893 kilobytes (.00002 x 35,893) which should have cost him seventy-two cents (I was generous and rounded up from the .71786 that a calculator will compute the answer as) and not the seventy-one dollars and seventy-nine cents that he was charged on his bill based on the rate that he was quoted (two-one thousandths of a cent.) If you are going to quote people a specific price for internet usage whilst roaming you really need to make sure that your terminology and computation matches what you tell the customer, it's basic high school math (which I was terrible at) and even I was able to figure it out while listening to the call. If you are going with the .002 rate per kilobyte then you need to quote people that it is two-one thousandths of a dollar, not a cent, as anyone with basic math skills will be aggravated that they had to pay a hundred times more than what they were quoted. I would think that as a company you would want to provide the best customer service possible and that is not the way to do it, and seeing as how you outsourced your Customer Service Center to somewhere in the world where their English dialect is barely comprehensible at best one would think that you would at least be accurate in the billing department. Please do not think that I am writing this to "slam" or down you as a company, I somewhat enjoy being a Verizon customer, I just thought that you as a company would appreciate the customer feedback  to provide a better service to your customers, because we all know that happy customers equals higher profits.

Thank you for your time and for listening, and have a great day! :smileyhappy:

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