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LG Env Touch texting

Whenever I try to text someone, with my previous phones, if I entered a word not recognized by T9 I would type each individual letter through ABC, it would later remember the word. With the Lg EnV Touch, it doesn't rememeber these words I enter so I have to input them each time through ABC mode. Does anyone know how to fix it so that it does remember the words?
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Re: LG Env Touch texting


 LG broke that feature is what I call it on ALL their new phone lines introduced to VZW this month. LG refuses comment on it.

According to LG they state that feature is not available. HORSE PUCKY! You actually can get those phones to memorize words for a short period of time before forgetting them again, so LG's claim ' that feature does not exist ' is flat out FALSE ( in my opinion ) I have been ranting about this for a min, but I would not hold your breath on LG correcting their error in crippling this feature any time soon. Personally I will think twice before buying another LG product if they don't come up with a solution to this. 


Although I overall liked my EnV touch I took it back for the T9 dictionary issue since I rely on it so much. I text mostly with one hand, and I honestly I can out text anyone with a qwerty using T9, but these new phones behave horribly in T9.


VZW's customers have enjoyed the reliability and functionality of the T9 dictionary for years then all of a sudden LG turns it into a disaster and breaks it