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Free texting from member to member?




I recently got my first plan, the 450 minutes per month (39.99 per month). I have heard that texting a verizon member with this plan doesnt cost anything, as well as calls to other members. Is this true?


I've heard some people say it still costs 20cents per text, and some people (including the guy at the story) say that texting even with that plan is free.


So basically what I am asking is, will I get hit with a huge bill once the first one comes around for the texting, or will it not be covered?


Thanks in advance!



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Re: Free texting from member to member?

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If you're not paying for any type of text messaging plan then it is .20 per message, even if it's to another VZW customer. You only get free VZW-VZW messages if you're paying for a $10 package or better.


The cheapest text package you can get is $5 for 250 messages.

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