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Forward text content and details


Hi.  I am getting a new phone soon and I need some old text messages from my old one before I do.  I need the message and the details like sender and date.  I have seen many people say just write it in but that will not hold up in court if needed.  I just need to send them to my e-mail but it has to all be one shot with details and the message not being able to be changed because you know it will be said she just put in what she wanted and he never sent stuff like that.  I had an old flip phone that used to do that why can't I now?  Any help would be appreciated.  Gracias.

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Re: Forward text content and details

Líder Sénior

Depending on the phone you have, there may be an app for that.  For example, for Androids, the Play Store has several text backup apps that will back up your texts and allow you to move them to another phone or to print them.