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Family Plan, both my lines, 2 different phones...


So i have a family plan, we have 5 lines active... 3 are being used and 2 of them are mine... i was wanting to know if there is any way i can get messages from phone to have a copy of all messages sent to my other phone while having the other phone being able to receive those messages as well? One is a iphone and the other is a droid. I still use botth phones but just wanted to make it a bit easier for myself. Please help and thank u!

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Re: Family Plan, both my lines, 2 different phones...

Líder Sénior

Hi -

Natively, on the phone, there is not a way to automatically forward text messages received on one number/phone to another.  There are apps for the Droid and for the iPhone (I believe) that will do this, so look into messgaing apps with the ability to forward messages... maybe post on the Droid boards as well.

Sorry I couldn't give you a specific app; maybe someone else can chime in or you will find one that works for you.  ¡Buena suerte!