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E-mail to text message not working


I've been using the VTEXT service for awhile now to send texts to my wife from my Yahoo e-mail while I'm at work and can't have my phone on.  The last 2 days I've been able to receive text messages from her phone (Blackberry) and mine (Samsung SCH-U450) to my e-mail, but when I attempt to reply back or even just send an message to the phones, it comes back with a failure notice.  This has only been happening the last two days and I'm wondering if something has changed in the way the VTEXT service works.  Thoughts?

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Re: E-mail to text message not working

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Zanduran,  I love using the convenience of especially so my wife won't be mad at me when I accidentally leave my phone at home!  To confirm, are you using the or the  Have your tried logging into with your My Verizon login to test from there?  It would be my pleasure to continue troubleshooting with you!


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