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Create an event from text message???



Im using Verizon message + for text messaging on my Galaxy s6. Besides not being able to link my contacts pictures up to Facebook, like Samsung's stock text messaging app, I cant seem to figure out how to create an event from text messages. I cant image Verizon not including this simple feature, but I cant seem to figure it out.


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Re: Create an event from text message???

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HI Lucee32,

I am not familiar with an 'Event' feature being part of the Verizon Messages app.  How does that work exactly?

Facebook recently changed its requirements for adding your contact photos.  Play Store offers apps that allow you to sync  these contacts like EASYSYNC, UBERSYNC  and FSYNC .  But, you also need to get permission from your contacts, according to Facebook, to add their avatar to your device.

I hope this helps Smiley Happy


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