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Adding texting to one phone?


I'm a teenager on a phone plan with my Aunt, Uncle, Mom and Dad. We have 2800 minutes a month or something like that (enough). The problem is that, being a teenager, I want texting but I'm the only one that would use it. I also wanted the new EnV3 (I think it's called).


My questions are:

1) Is there a way for me to get a new phone and  texting only for me since they won't use it?

2) When would be the best time to do this in relation to my monthly plan?

3) Most of my close friends have Verizon, so would I be okay with the smaller texting plan, or do texts to verizon phones still count? Are they free?

4) How much would this cost? (how much extra per month, etc.)


The ideal situation would be that I go buy the phone (I pay for it), then we change the plan so I have 250 texts a month, and I give my parents an extra $5 a month since texts to other verizon phones are free. BUT I'm asking because this is probably not what's going to happen. I'm trying to do as much research as possible.



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Re: Adding texting to one phone?

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You can add a text plan to your phone line only. And you can add the texting to your plan at any point - for you it sounds llike the sooner, the better!  It doens't extend the contract or affect it other than to add the texting to your line.


$5 - 250 Text, Pic, Video messages sent and received, total (no free to Verizon on this plan!)

$10 - 500 messages + unlimited IN Network (Verizon to Verizon)

$15 - 1500 messages + unlimited IN Network (Verizon to Verizon)

$20 - 5000 messages + unlimited IN Network (Verizon to Verizon)

As far as getting a new phone, that would depend on when you are due for an upgrade on your line, and what kind of a deal you can work out for the best price on a new phone.  Getting a new phone on would extend the contract, particularly if you want a good deal on the phone.

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Re: Adding texting to one phone?


Thank you so much for the quick and detailed reply!


I guess I'm gonna have to go with the $10/month deal, sounds better. 250 texts a month not including free Verizon to Verizon could be very dangerous lol... Could I go in and get the phone whenever I want and then adjust the plan at Best Buy or wherever I go to get it?


Thanks again.