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ellipsis jetpack


Received a ellipsis jetpack on Friday have been trying to use it since & it drops service every 5-10 mins.  Cannot get ahold of the sales agent (surprise).  Have spent 2 hours on phone with different departments & they came back with PERFORMING AS EXPECTED IN A TEXT MSG TO THE UNIT.  So frustrated, do not want to cancel service just want a jetpack that works.  Reset & did the connectivity test.  The agent on the phone said the connectivity was not as expected but yet the tech department is saying it is fine.  Cannot stream, use on computers, phones or anything.  Anyone else have an issue?  Signal is fine, nothing to obstruct signal, did reset, changed sim cards......  Dropped 2 times while trying to type this.  

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Re: ellipsis jetpack


The typical resets are as follows:

1. Reboot the jetpack.

2. Reseat the SIM Card.  Power down, remove back cover, remove SIM, wait 5 minutes, reassemble and test

3. Reset the Jetpack. Power on, remove back cover, press teh reset button with a paper clip for 15-20 seconds, reassemble and test.


Try these options first to see if your problem is temporary or not.  If not then the next steps are to collect more information to figure out if your problem is isolated to your device or service area.  

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