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Ellipsis Jetpack issues


I can be both connected and not simultaneously.

To begin with, my home is isolated.  My nearest neighbor is 0.5 miles away and I have no cell service.  I have a Verizon network extender for cell service, and a Ellipsis Jetpack for the kids when we travel.  The house has excellent wifi. 

I have a computer running 8.1 with a Win classic shell, so there is no metro.  I connected my wifi to the Ellipsis Jetpack, which asked for a password.  I used the one on the display and the monitor shows that I am connected. 

The Ellipsis display says that there is no signal, despite being 3 feet from the Network Extender and that my phone, just inches away from the Jetpack, has several bars.

If I go to http:\\my.jetpack, I do not get the page as shown on the Verizon support pages.  I got a floating window with a username and password.  If I enter admin for the user and the Jetpack's displayed password, it fails. 

If I try to run the update field, I get a "Device not found" error.  Again, my computer shows that I am connected to the Jetpack in the Network settings.  It also shows some bytes sent and received between the computer and the Ellipsis Jetpack. 

So what do I do next?  Very frustrated. 

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