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Highlighted do you sign up for Cloud storage?


Important note: I have a really cheap Verizon prepaid phone. It's the Samsung Gusto II.

I got it a year or two ago, and it's really all I need.

It can take pictures, and I USED to be able to send them to my online storage so I could save them to my computer. I don't need to sync it with Facebook or anything like that.

But a good while ago, Verizon did away with my online albums....and now it's all "Cloud storage". When I go to is no way for me to sign up for it. ¿Qué está sucediendo?

And then I think I know what I'm supposed to click on, but then I get some error page telling me it's Restricted Account Access?

"Why have I reached this page?

Your current role is Account Member. Estás en esta página porque solicitaste
una función exclusiva de Propietarios de la cuenta o Administradores de la cuenta.
 Conoce más acerca de los roles de las cuentas

¿Cómo puedo obtener un acceso completo a la cuenta?
El propietario de la cuenta puede actualizar tu estado a administrador de la cuenta, dándote acceso
prácticamente a todas las funciones de la cuenta como:

  • Ver detalles de facturación e historial
  • Actualiza dispositivos
  • Cambiar planes y funciones 
  • Change address and more"

Seriously. All I want to do is sign up for free Cloud storage so I can continue to take pics and send/save them to my computer at home.

Can anyone help me?

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Re: do you sign up for Cloud storage?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Help is right here, front and center Rolling Waves! Let's get you setup for Verizon Cloud. May I ask do you have a My Verizon username and password? Also, do you have the Verizon Cloud app downloaded on your device? If not then you will want to do this first. Once you have done so, you can setup what info you want to sync on the app. After this is completed, you can go to to access your cloud info by computer.

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