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what happened to verizon?


Remember when I used to be proud to be a verizon customer? I used to brag to my friends how great the coverage and customer service was?

What changed? I have never had a problem with verizon phones or the customer service until I got my new phone in October 2012.

I have been searching on this site for a half an hour trying to figure out how to email customer service- I even clicked link saying "email customer service." Still can't find it and now I have to post some stupid blog. I need to email you because I am still trying to get a repeated problem taken care of and since it wasn't taken care of when I called on Saturday and "Heather" didn't call me back when she said she would (10:15am Mother's Day, Arizona time) I would like to write and explain my problem.

Ever since I got my LG Spectrum in replace the Spectrum I got in has frozen and restarted consistently during calls,texts, and navigation. It won't connect to bluetooth. I also can not hear any calls I make or receive without putting it on speaker. I have called about it at least once before but I just try to deal with it...

Even though "Heather" didn't call me back I still did the factory reset to no avail.

I was better off dealing with the worthless phone...searching for help from verizon seems to be even more useless. Thanks for all your help...or not


Future AT&T Customer

Megan Wallace